Notes made easy

Digi note is a simple easy to use desktop application, which will help with note taking and task manegment

Digi notes is a windows desktop application, which is a complet note and task managment solution roled into one.

Taking and store notes
This allows you take your note in ease. Each note can be split into categories, so you can keep track easily.
  • Categories and Sub categories
  • Task through the day may vary and keeping detail notes may be a difficult. But by spliting them into categories and sub categories it makes it easier.
    The better you split your notes in categories, the easy it is to when you need to go back and look over them.
  • Time managment
  • Each note record, records the time spent, So if you keep the Digi note running, while your doing your task, you would get an idea on how long a task took.
The history
The reason for notes is so you can look back and see what and how. The better the note the better you'll you history will be
Digi note allows you to go back and look at all you previous notes and see what you've done, split into each category and how long it took
Agile task list
Your day to day To-Do list may grow and grow for a project or just little small task and it may be a nightmare to keep track.
Digi notes has a Agile To-Do list function built in and it could make your To-Do list more workable.
  • Categorized To-Do list (Planned, Started, Testing and completed)
  • You can set up a you To-Do list in small easy to use categories. A category could be a project or small task.
  • Story task items
  • Each task item within a list can contain as much or as little information as required. It could be a story.
  • Planned time set and target
  • The To-Do list category can be given a end of project time and this would give you how many days you got left or gone over.
    As well each item within a list can get a Planned Start and finish date. Each item within a list will be order in order of the first to start.
  • Record true started and completion of each task
  • The To-Do list has a Story, Started, Ready for testing and Completed section. When you move an item from story to start. Digi notes will mark that item as started and will record the date.
    Once you've moved the item to the completed list, it will mark the item as completed and store the date of completion.

This is a Click once application. Once installed, if there is an internet conenction it will check for an update. If found it will ask if you want to update or not. Once you accept it will automatically update you application.

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